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RetroBelt® is committed to offering a quality product at a fair price. Part of that commitment involves extensive testing to ensure our seat belts meet or exceed all federal regulations.

All RetroBelt® seat belts undergo strenuous testing to assure they meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 209 and 302. FMVSS 209 stipulates minimum strength, durability and webbing width requirements. Our seat belts are tested for stitch breaking strength, webbing breaking strength, elongation (stretching), buckle and tongue breaking strength, corrosion resistance of metal parts and for the buckle size. FMVSS 302 is a flammability performance test. On retractable seat belts, the performance of the retractor is tested. Our seat belts far exceed minimum testing standards.

Our retractors feature an advanced inertia locking system that locks the belt in the event of a sudden stop. We also offer a wide range of mounting hardware to meet your safety needs. We offer the finest and most reliable seat belt systems available. Seatbelts are made in China.



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